Hiter & Hiter – USHEALTH Advisors Has Record Week For Team Production

Hiter & Hiter – USHEALTH Advisors Has Record Week For Team Production

November 12th, 2017 — Hiter & Hiter – USHEALTH Advisors breaks their own record for weekly team production breaking the $500K mark finishing up with $537,734 in submitted business.  In the health insurance industry, open enrollment is a special time of year, it’s our Super Bowl.  The whole nation is primed to renew their individual health policies.  Due to dramatic changes in the industry as a whole over the past few years, USHEALTH Advisors across the country are helping families one by one.  We as USHEALTH Advisors work by the mission of “H.O.P.E.”, meaning “Helping Other People Everyday”.

Record weeks are a coveted thing at our firm for reasons other than just production.  The numbers show that we had a record week, but we also helped a record number of families achieve the security that they longed for with their health coverage.  It’s a humbling job, mostly because we aren’t doing anything extraordinary, rather literally just sharing our knowledge on a forever changing and even more confusing industry, answering all of our client’s questions, and pointing them in the direction to get their families the coverage that they need, fitting both their budget and healthcare needs.

Now, humbleness aside…Records are made to be broken.  On to the next one…

“Be Educated, Informed, & Make The Right Decision. We will help you sort through ALL of your options”! -Nick & Rhiannon Hiter

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Written by : Nick Hiter

Let’s Rise Together.

Former Professional Athlete turned Serial Entrepreneur. Nick has been featured in CBS, NBC, FOX, The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine and USA Wire. Nick is a Husband, Father & Coach. Nick is the Host of The Histreak Podcast. President of Team Hiter. Vice President of SANDLOTT Sports. Founder of Hitlab Creative Studios. Partner of Home Agent Group. Partner of Hub Holdings.

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