For Immediate Release, October 31, 2018.  Nashville, TN based Team Hiter of USHEALTH Advisors partners with Waxpops and unveils it’s 2018 Month Of Hope Campaign, set to benefit victims of Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida.

Early in 2018, the Team Hiter t-shirt was released.  At first the shirt’s sole purpose was to unify the team of agents on the Nashville based team of USHEALTH Advisors, and serve as a jersey, something that every team member owned together.  I mean you can’t be on a team and not have a jersey, right?  Little did we know that the shirts would become in high demand from friends, family, colleagues, and others.  Before we knew it we had a couple hundred t-shirts out from all over the world.  This sparked something…something more.  Every shirt that has been sent out was free of charge, all that was asked was that each individual wear it proudly, and document when they wore it on social media using the #hitershirtspotting hashtag, along with a notion that we would be calling on everyone who had a shirt to come together to do something great for others.  Each shirt had a personalized note from us included with it to remind them of the purpose of the shirt.  Over the course of the year there have been more than 600 shirts sent out.  We were absolutely amazed with the photos people were taking while wearing these shirts.  We didn’t know what our mission this November was going to be, but we knew that we wanted a small army out there, and we wanted that army to have only one thing in common…their Team Hiter shirt.

(Here are just a few of the #HiterShirtSpottings taken this year)

When Hurricane Michael swept through Florida taking out basically everything in it’s path, including our USHA family down in Panama City, we knew exactly what our purpose was going to be.  With the help of our friends at Waxpops (founder Samantha Remboldt is one of the most amazing people we’ve ever met), a little help bringing the project to life by James Kelley, founder of of Reverse Creative, and our friends at True Source Entertainment working on our web platform, our mission is set to kick off November 1st, 2018.

The mission is simple.  Every single time you purchase a #TeamHiter candle from Waxpops, $5 from each candle will be going towards those needing relief.  The candles come in two scents, crowd favorite “Pinecone & Snow”, and brand new scent “Nashville Hot Cocoa”.  These candles will make perfect gifts for the holidays along with great additions to your home and office spaces.  Our mission is to move no less than 100 candles, although we believe we can hit the 150 mark if we hustle.

To purchase, simply visit 

On behalf of EVERYONE on #TeamHiter, we want to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to support our mission for our 2018 Month Of Hope.  Now let’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Written by : Nick Hiter

Let’s Rise Together.

Former Professional Athlete turned Serial Entrepreneur. Nick has been featured in CBS, NBC, FOX, The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine and USA Wire. Nick is a Husband, Father & Coach. Nick is the Host of The Histreak Podcast. President of Team Hiter. Vice President of SANDLOTT Sports. Founder of Hitlab Creative Studios. Partner of Home Agent Group. Partner of Hub Holdings.

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