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Nick Hiter is the founder of Team Hiter, a business enterprise focused on helping entrepreneurs drive growth.

In his role as the Executive Vice President at RAC Financial, he oversees strategic partnerships for a leading 8-figure payment processing company. His work supports a network of 100+ strategic partners supporting major brands such as Planet Hollywood, Brio, and Buca di Beppo to name a few.

As a thought leader on entrepreneurship himself, Nick’s insights have been featured in major media such as CBS, NBC, FOX, The New York Times, and Yahoo to name a few. Nick is the host of the Hitstreak Podcast well as the voice of SiriusXM’s “Y’allternative” radio station!

It’s our mission to cultivate a great place for young entrepreneurs to learn, develop, and scale their own dreams and aspirations,” said Hiter. “Our extensive network allows us to fully help our clients, whether that be through the initial concept development, or the official deployment of the brand. We are there, supporting our clients every step of the way.

Beyond business, Nick is a husband to Rhiannon, and father to Ethan and Ansleigh. Nick is a former pro athlete and gives back regularly to local philanthropic organizations in the Nashville area. Read More

The Playbook of Top Performers

From working with so many top performers I’ve discovered that there are three key ingredients to achieve any and all levels of success. The strategies used by the best of the best are not a secret, but you do have to be intentional about seeking them out. 

My goal is to support you in this process to help you figure out and use these three key ingredients so that you can be a top performer too.


The established set of attitudes and beliefs

Skill Set.

skil set/noun
Ability to perform a task well


Usual way of behaving or a tendency that someone has settled into

Skill Set.

skil set/noun
Ability to perform a task well


5 Reasons You Should Book Nick 

1. Learn the common habits of all top performers 

2. How to have the courage to make big changes that trigger big results

3. The mindset secrets to get to the next level

4. The skill sets required to be great at what you believe in 

5. How to build the necessary habits to be successful 

What Listeners are Saying

Listening To Nick Hiter’s Podcast Is A Must.

Luis Jorge Rios, D!$RUPT Magazine

“Hitlab Creative Studios, by Nick Hiter, Is Changing The Game of Creating Podcasts”

Ian Monroe, USA Wire

I had a great time with Nick – his office space, his studio, his business, his organization, his way

Tim Corbin, Head Coach, Vanderbilt University Baseball

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