This week we are joined by video producer, editor, and storyteller Eric Solomon!

About our Guest: Creating Content today has never been easier, but getting people to pay attention to that content has never been more difficult.

That’s where Eric Solomon comes in.  For more than 30 years, Eric has been trusted by some of the world’s largest brands to help them tell their stories with video.  In fact, his film Autism Every Day was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and helped his client get national media attention with appearances on Good Morning America, The View, and Oprah.

Today, Eric is one of the most sought-after video content creators for anyone looking to build their personal brand and separate themselves from others in their industry.

“We live in a very noisy world,’ says Eric, “and there are a lot of content creators out there using yesterday’s tools, tactics, and techniques.”  What makes Eric different – and what enables his videos to break through that noise – is he does not create content that talks about what you do.  That’s what most videographers do.  Instead, Eric creates content that reveals who his clients actually are.  He does this by getting to know them on a truly personal level and helping them to talk about themselves on camera in a way they didn’t even know was possible, which shows the essence of who they are.

Through simple, but innovative techniques, Eric’s videos connect with audiences at a human level.  And that’s what builds relationships, that’s what builds trust, and that’s what builds businesses.

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