This week we are joined by the COO of MVP Poker, Josiah Graves!

About our Guest: Josiah started very early as an entrepreneur, starting his first real business at only 13 years old, a landScaping company. By the time he was 18, he had 2 crews running with foremen, so he could focus on growing the business, and also pursue a career in one of his other passions, video production. At 19, he married Taylor, and also graduated Broadcast School and got into Nashville’s Channel 2 as a video editor, and moved up to photographer and microwave truck operator. In health insurance Josiah built and led several Council Award-Winning teams, including the 46 F-TA team in the country in 2016, and the #18 FSL team in 2018. Ultimately, he became a Satellite Division with his own office in Franklin. In 2020, Josiah also founded a Real Estate Investing firm, Right-Way Ventures, with business partner and friend Brian Pierce. In June 2022, Josiah and Taylor’s 4th and final child was born, and Josiah retired from leadership, to spend as much time as possible with their last baby and his family. After a decade in the health insurance industry, he didn’t know why, but he was completely at peace with this move. But now he does know why. Just 3 months after retiring and spending the summer entirely with his family, a new opportunity presented itself. One of his best friends, Dane Coates, had founded a new revolutionary online poker platform, in which Josiah was an investor. The opportunity opened for Josiah to jump into the business as their VP of Operations. It was an opportunity tailor-made for Josiah, but as with most opportunities, there was a catch- operations for MVP Poker, are in Costa Rica. After many discussions with his wife, much thought and prayer, and an interview process that lasted over a month, Josiah was officially offered the position, and 2 weeks later on September 12, 2022, went to Costa Rica to begin building towards launching a new company. In February, 2023 MVP Poker officially launched to the public, and Josiah has since been promoted to COO of the company, and is also the Chairman of the Board.

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