This week my very own wife joins me as we talk about what it’s like being a working mother, working together as a married team, the power of a positive mindset, and so much more.

About our Guest: Wife to Nick, Mom to Ethan and Ansleigh, & Miracle worker to our clients, agents, & our business. Rhiannon may be from a small town, but she’s always had big city dreams. Born and raised in Watertown TN. She moved to Nashville when she was 19 and hasn’t looked back. Rhiannon started working at 12 for her moms in Home daycare. By the time she was 16, Rhiannon took on 2 more jobs- dance teacher & server at Uncle Buds. Once college came around she attended MTSU with the intentions of going into TV and radio…College wasn’t for her, so Rhiannon got a job at the one and only bar Nashville. That night gig landed her a job working at a doctors office and she stayed in that field for the next eight years, while still working at the bar, the cash was too hard to give up. Once she hung my hat for the day gig, Rhiannon got more into the sales and day to day of the bar business. That’s about the time she met me, her husband. Fast forward 3 years later and we have Ethan- it was time to move on from the long nights. Rhiannon landed a salon gig as a brand advocate / team leader for Aveda salons. That was until I needed me to come on full time to help with the growing insurance business. 8 years later – here we are!

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Let’s Rise Together.

Former Professional Athlete turned Serial Entrepreneur. Nick has been featured in CBS, NBC, FOX, The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine and USA Wire. Nick is a Husband, Father & Coach. Nick is the Host of The Histreak Podcast. President of Team Hiter. Vice President of SANDLOTT Sports. Founder of Hitlab Creative Studios. Partner of Home Agent Group. Partner of Hub Holdings.