This week, we are joined by Carlos Vasquez, and previous guest, Peter Meyerhoff! Join us as we talk about overcoming challenges, the power of belief, The Warrior’s Mindset, and more!

About our Guests: As a child, Carlos’ only dream was to become a professional baseball player. His parents put him in sports and catholic school, and he received straight A’s. Everything in his world started to change by the age of 13. His father left, his mother went into a deep depression, and his teenage sister got pregnant at 16. By the time Carlos was 14, life at home became so unbearable, he ran away. Carlos started off living in the streets, he joined a gang, became addicted to drugs, and committed himself to a life of crime. At 16 his best friend killed himself in front of him while they played a game of Russian roulette. That caused Carlos to develop PTSD and become even more violent and destructive. At 19, Carlos was arrested after being hunted down by US Marshalls, and received 20 years in prison for armed robbery. It was on a trip to solitary confinement that ultimately sparked transformation in his life. He went on to finish High School, then college, graduating with a 3.8 GPA in both Psychology, and Liberal Arts. He also earned Certificates in Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, and Mentorship. His last four years incarcerated were spent organizing and teaching life changing workshops within the prison. He paroled on June 25, 2021 after serving 17 years. Today, Carlos is the founder and CEO of How to Battle: Coaching for Conquering Self-doubt and Building Confidence. You could say Peter Meyerhoff had the world in his palm as a kid, from athletics, modeling, and even starring in a movie. In high school, he began using drugs, starting with just weed, before turning to hard drugs. His life spiraled downhill extremely fast, from stealing cars to robbing houses. He got arrested multiple times. Eventually, he was sent to prison for 12 years, at the age of 18, and didn’t get out until after his 30th birthday. Peter ended up getting swallowed up by prison politics and by the end of it, was the “Shot Caller” in there. He gained his success from transferring his pains from prison, to drive for success out in the world. He made a couple million dollars his first 5 years out of prison, with only an 8th grade education. He started his podcast to help motivate people, as well as telling his story across prisons and jails across the country, and he now owns a sober clothing company. Peter’s goals now are to motivate people when he speaks, using the mental strength he acquired in solitary confinement, helping people get sober, and change the recidivism rate, by showing people what’s really possible with the right drive and no excuses. History has a way of repeating itself but with his guidance and experiences he’s helping the younger generation not go through the rough pitfalls of life.

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