This week, we talk with Andy Elliott, an Elite Sales Warrior, about how to outsell your competition. Andy has quickly become one of the best salespeople in the game, and has incredible knowledge and expert tips to help you sell better than ever!

About our Guest: Andy started his Training Company in 2011. He currently trains over over 325,000 sales people and trains over 5,000 dealerships. The Elliott Group is the Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company in the world, and is now also dominating the entrepreneur sales training space too! The Elliott Group is currently doing business in 127 different countries and is growing like wildfire with their High Energy 21st Century Training. Andy’s goal is to take ANY Sales Person and Triple Their Skill within 30 days. Andy’s training covers closing and negotiating, objection handling, phone skills, lead generation, leadership, how to build a deadly sales team, and tons more. Andy’s motto, Turning Decades into Days, means our training teaches salespeople how to dominate selling and closing better than 20 Year Veterans, regardless of skill, within a matter of days.

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TikTok: @andyelliott05 Andy Elliott

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