This week we talk with Kristen Kukta about owning your own business, the importance of relationships, and the changing industry of marketing and why you need it.

About our Guest: Kristen Kukta is owner and CEO of Unblurred Media. A full-service advertising company based out of Nashville, TN, with clients in all different industries, including but not limited to Medical, IT, Financial, Bar/Restaurants and even a Beach Software Company. Kristen and her team handle everything from Custom Advertising Plans, Media Placement and Buys, Social Media Content and Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Advertising and even Event Planning. Born and Raised in Ohio, Kristen made her way to Nashville 15 years ago after graduation from Loyola University of Chicago with a business marketing degree and a minor in psychology. Previously, Kristen worked as director of business development for Aroluxe, before starting her own company in 2016. With a growing list of clients all over the nation, Unblurred Media has now grown to over 9 team members. While starting a business wasn’t easy, it has definitely been worth the ride.

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