This week we are joined by the Founder of NXT90, Nick Long!!

About our guest: CEO to multiple 8-figure companies, with 400 million dollars in combined revenue, ranked in the top 10 most downloaded podcasts, Nick Long is a family man, and serial entrepreneur!

Build, Scale, and Exit Your Business. We are investors who collapse time and get access to the team that will help you achieve all of your business goals with a life changing exit and create generational wealth.

At NXT90, we have a proven and proprietary process to accelerate and amplify the acquisitions for our Founder-Led Partners Companies. Understanding why deals don’t get done has been pivotal in helping our Partners avoid those mistakes. Combining years of working on all sides of the transaction as entrepreneurs from startup, to scale, to sell, combined with our expertise in understanding M&A as well as running a Private Equity company, NXT90 is simply unmatched in the marketplace.

Nick Long knows how to get RESULTS from his clients with a proven process based on his 20+ years as an entrepreneur and over 8 years of consulting and mentorship. NXT90 works and yields results because THE WORK IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS. We hold our elite group of entrepreneurs to the highest standard of accountability to make sure that they are doing the work and hitting the goals that THEY SET OUT to accomplish.

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Former Professional Athlete turned Serial Entrepreneur. Nick has been featured in CBS, NBC, FOX, The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine and USA Wire. Nick is a Husband, Father & Coach. Nick is the Host of The Histreak Podcast. President of Team Hiter. Vice President of SANDLOTT Sports. Founder of Hitlab Creative Studios. Partner of Home Agent Group. Partner of Hub Holdings.