This week we are joined by the Founder of, Lesley Logan!!

About our guest: Lesley Logan is the world’s leading expert on how Pilates changes your life, and is the Chief Pilates Officer at She has taught thousands of students, trained hundreds of Pilates teachers, led dozens of workshops at global conferences, and supported notable companies such as the Associated Press, Brand Builders Group, and Balanced Body, empowering participants with movement and happiness through Pilates and international retreats.

With a comprehensive certificate (NCPT) from the National Pilates Certification Program, and additional certifications in trauma-informed breathwork, mindset, and habits coaching, and with teaching experience since 2008, Lesley is widely regarded by the Pilates community and corporate executives alike. Publications including Vogue, Sports Illustrated, LA Magazine, Bustle, and Authority have often featured her. And, aside from hosting her own popular podcast, “Be It Till You See It”, Lesley has been interviewed on dozens of others such as “Earn Your Happy” and “Think Unbroken”, and has been a live guest on the BBC, Fox 5, KTLA, and CBS.

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Instagram: @lesley.logan


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