This week we are joined by the CEO of IMPACT Effect and keynote speaker, Jim Morris!

About our guest: Intentional uniqueness and perspective is where Jim has thrived. His goal is to create intentional IMPACT that has a massive Effect. With a string of unparalleled successes and failures, Jim’s achievements have positioned him to live fast as he has explored the business world. That’s not even the best part, he comes with a dying passion to explore the real side of entrepreneurship and business. Ask him anything you want, vulnerability and honesty are top things Jim strives for when engaging in keynotes, tv shows, question and answer platforms, interviews and podcasts.

With a captivating presence and magnetic personality, Jim possesses the unique ability to inspire and captivate audiences of all sizes. His dynamic speaking style, including some colorful language and comparisons, coupled with his ability to convey complex concepts in a relatable manner, has made him a sought-after speaker at prestigious events and conferences. He has been known to speak openly about how “You really do have to break it down like you’re chatting with your 2-year-old child”

Beyond his business acumen, Jim’s impact extends far beyond just business. He is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the world through IMPACT Events. His passion for helping the community has positioned him to bring amazing people together to create real change through events and community-built programs. The goal is to give people a seat at the table for growth and create an atmosphere of vulnerability and belonging.

With an expansive network of influential contacts and an innate ability to forge meaningful connections, Jim has elevated the concept of networking to an art form. His deep understanding of the power of relationships and his proven strategies for building meaningful connections have enabled him to form mutually strategic partnerships over and over again.

Jim brings a wealth of knowledge, realness, vulnerability, and inspiration to the table. His magnetic personality and experience on camera allow him to be a great guest for video podcasts and content.

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